With EU Module Exercises (EU MODEX) Urban Search and Rescue Modules, Emergency Medical Teams and other Response Capacities should get the chance to train their preparedness for a deployment in the context of full-scale exercises. 


18.-22. September 2023 Canakkale, Türkiye

The largeste medical EU MODEX took place in Canakkale, Türkiye and was greatly supported by UMKE, AFAD and many other local authorities. 

European teams such as Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) from Portugal and Romania, an Emergency Laboratory Team from Germany, a Polish Medical Transport Capacity and a Medevac capacity from Slovakia worked together with a European Civil Protection Team and a Finnish Technical Assistance and Support Team (TAST) to improve their skills in preparation for a real mission.

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18.-22. September 2023 Canakkale, Türkiye


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