Read about the five EU MODEX, the objectives and the background of these civil protection exercises to strengthen the European emergency response capacities for international deployments in disaster affected areas.

In 2019 five full-scale exercises for Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) modules, Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) other Response Capacities will be conducted throughout Europe to train their preparedness for deployments in disaster affected areas.

The Module Exercises (MODEX) are financed by the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) and are part of an exercises series within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Modules and other Response Capacities already registered in the Common Emergency Communications and Information System (CECIS) were invited to apply for a participation in one of the Exercises. The main exercise objectives for the participants are to train self-sufficiency, interoperability, procedures and coordination as well as to use the exercise as a learning opportunity. EU MODEX also gives participating modules and other Response Capacities the opportunity for certification as European Emergency Response Capacity (EERC) and for classification or re-classification to meet international standards for deployments in disasters.

The consortium

The European Commission awarded following international consortium to design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate five full-scale EU MODEX for USAR and EMTs:

The consortium conducts following EU MODEX for USAR, EMTs and other response capacities in cycyle 9

  • Denmark/Tinglev, 25.01. – 28.01.2019 (USAR)
  • United Kingdom/Merseyside, 15.03. – 19.03.2019 (USAR)
  • Estonia/Saaremaa, 11.04. – 14.04.2019 (EMT)
  • Bulgaria/Montana, 12.06. – 15.06.2019 (USAR)
  • Italy/Poggioreale, 16.07. – 17.07.2019 (USAR)

Continuous updates on social media​

Become part of the fast-growing EU MODEX-community on Facebook and keep updated during the exercises. Follow the work of the participating modules, see their search in the debris and watch the rescuing of trapped victims. We post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And right after the end of each exercise, we will publish one lessons learned video. If you post on social media regarding EU MODEX we kindly ask to use these hashtags:

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